How A Mobile Virtual Concierge App Can Benefit Hotel Businesses

The continuous developments in technology managed to make the concept of a virtual concierge a reality for most hotels. But what is it all about? Simply put, this solution pretty much fulfills the same role as a standard concierge.

What sets them apart is the fact that a standard concierge sits at the hotel desks and answers the phone, providing the tourists with the information they need, while its virtual counterpart can exist in literally any virtual realm, be it your hotel’s website or a mobile app.

The Mobile Medium

A virtual concierge can easily be integrated within a mobile application, and this should definitely come as great news for both you and your guests. Here are just a few of the benefits your guests will enjoy:

• Your guests will no longer have to stand in line for what can seem like hours. Keep in mind that they want to enjoy every minute of their vacation. With virtual services, they can get all the information they need, when they need it.

• Your guests will have no trouble changing dinner reservations or rescheduling their spa appointment. They can do it online, without even making a phone call.

• The concierge will allow your guests to plan their stay as they wish and benefit from whatever services they prefer, from room-service to wake-up calls. This way, they will enjoy every minute they spend in your hotel.

What Benefits Will You Enjoy?

While implementing a virtual concierge app may seem like an unnecessary expense, the long term benefits will be considerable. Your clients will leave satisfied and eager to come back. You do not have to be a marketing expert to know that word-of-mouth advertising is the best type of marketing.

Then, the concierge services will help you avoid employing additional personnel or overburdening the existing staff, avoid confusions, keep a clear track of your bookings, and monitor your guests preferences and level or satisfaction.

Overall, this will mean lower expenses, happier clients, easier marketing and higher profits. These should be more than enough reasons for you to consider this investment seriously. The best part is that the offer in the field has diversified considerably throughout the last few months, so it will be easy to find affordable virtual concierge solutions that can be customized to meet the needs of your business and the expectations of your target clients.

What Are The Best Ipad Apps? Free Apps Are No More On The Apple App Store

Apple App store is the leading app store in terms of revenue and the number of paid apps. Recently, Apple made some changes in the free app labels, the free apps won’t have “Free” app label anymore. From now onwards, you won’t see a “Free” label even though it is absolutely free i.e. even though the full features of the app are available without a paying a penny also, the app won’t have free label. Apple app store modified the label to “Get” so that no official page of app store shows any app as free. If you want to know the reasons behind this change, go through this article.

Free iOS apps still exist if you look hard enough on the internet, however, you are very unlikely to find an iPad for completely free. Nevertheless, you will be able to find pretty good deals on the newest iPad Mini 2 and Mini 3 tablets if you take some time to go through

Apple made this change so that it won’t mislead its users as most of the apps in Apple App store are free to download but you need to pay something to get full access to that game/app. This model is popularly known as “free-to-play” or “freemium” because one can use the app but not fully and your mind will always tend to use the full features of any app and if the app is somewhat good you will automatically buy it. This is a popular business strategy which is very famous in the app world. According to the statistics, freemuim model is responsible for 92% of revenue for Apple app store and the same model is helping Google Play store in achieving 98% of its revenue.

There are so many instances that the credit card bills reached new limits because of iPads. This is because of installing the apps as they are labeled as free (in the official app store) and unknowingly buying the stuff or other things present in that app thinking them as free. Even before you know what has happened, the credit card bill will come and the amount you need to payback will be very high because of these app purchases.

European Commission and Federal Trade Commission (FTA, USA) became very serious on the freemuim model as they had received numerous complaints. That is the reason why Google play store stopped calling so called free apps as free apps in Europe. Though Apple tried to solve the issue by showing “Ask to Buy” feature, European commission and FTA insisted on changes which are obliged by Apple recently.

Frankly, the “get” label won’t have any effect on the apps but the app stores won’t show any app as free and the selection of apps now wholly depends on your discretion.